Dental implant restorations


Dental implants are threaded and precisely machined and biochemically treated titanium (most commonly) components that are surgically placed in bone to restore a missing tooth.  

The dental implant basically becomes the prosthetic tooth root which predictably integrates with the surrounding bone (termed osseointegration).  

Once the implant is deemed “integrated” by the surgeon after confirming with specified torque tests, the implant is ready to be restored.  

The term “implant restoration” refers to the components needed to create the tooth as seen in a patient’s mouth.  The components required are often an abutment and crown.  

An implant abutment is a component that is screwed into the internal surface of the implant (in a non-surgical fashion) and serves as the connection between the implant and implant crown.  The implant crown is what you see as the tooth in your mouth.  

Dental implants are often the ideal way to restore missing teeth and most often have a very predictable long term prognosis.

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